Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Genetics

The Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Genetics (LGCM) of the Instituto de Ciências Biológicas (ICB) at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) has shown great importance in global scenario regarding Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis and Lactococcus lactis researches. This fact has been achieved by formation of master’s and Ph.D., publication of several papers in indexed journals in the last years, and, also, by the support of members (teachers/researchers) of General Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology, Microbiology and Bioinformatics departments of ICB/UFMG, researchers of the Extension Research Group of Goats and Sheep (GEPOC/UFMG) and the Minas Gerais Genome Network.

In addition to UFMG and Minas Gerais researchers, projects that have being developed in our laboratory rely on the collaboration of Dr. Roberto Meyer Nascimento, Dr. Ricardo Wagner Dias Portela and Dr. Luis Gustavo Carvalho Pacheco from Instituto de Ciências da Saúde of Universidade Federal da Bahia, whose members have experience in microbiology, immunology and biochemistry of C. pseudotuberculosis. LGCM also maintains a close relationship with Dr. Artur Silva, coordinator of Genomics and Proteomics Pará Network.

Our international cooperation activities have started in the beginning of 1998 with French researches (Dr. Philipe Langella, Dr. Yves Le Loir, Dr. Jean-Marc Chatel, Dr. Luis Bermudez, Dr. Emanuelle Maguin and Dr. Maarten Van de Guchte, Institut National de La Recherche Agronomique - INRA) and, nowadays, we maintain collaboration with Australia (Dr. Robert Moore, CSIRO Livestock Industries), Israel (Nahum Y Shpigel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), United Kingdom (Christopher G Dowson, Warwick University), Germany (Dr. Jan Baumbach, Technical University of Munich (TUM)) and Argentina (Dr. Fernando Sesma, Dr. Jean-Guy Leblanc and Dr. Gabriela Perdignon, Reference Center for Lactobacilli – CERELA).

These collaboration networks have generated promising results, relevant academic contributions and technological products aiming to develop new strategies for diseases control and eradication of veterinary and human interest.

Dr. Vasco Azevedo is the main researcher in LGCM and is responsible for several national and international projects. He is CNPq level 1A researcher, professor and coordinator of the Post Graduate Program in Bioinformatics in UFMG. Currently, Dr. Vasco supervises, 8 post-docs, 14 Ph.D. students, 9 M.Sc. students, 14 undergraduate students and a technician, divided between the two main research lines (C. pseudotuberculosis and Lactococcus lactis). They have extensive experience in Genetics of Microorganisms, especially in studies related to genomics, functional analyses of genes, virulence and pathogenicity of C. pseudotuberculosis and new biotechnological utilizations of Lactococcus lactis.

Our Mission

Founded in 1997, the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Genetics has as mission to produce, share and disseminate the knowledge, contributing to the formation of students and researchers.

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